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River Rapids

Live Community Classes and Presentations

I routinely provide community classes and presentations regarding insomnia and the management of chronic pain through my work with St. Luke's Healthcare System's Lifestyle Medicine Clinic and other community partners. See below for a list of upcoming presentations and click the title of the class to register online.

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This evidence-based class teaches you pain management skills in only two hours! You'll learn about the relationship between pain, stress and physical tension, and how to develop a personalized pain management program. These new skills will help you decrease stress and physical tension, develop adaptive thinking patterns and develop a personalized self-soothing action plan for pain.


I currently provide the Empowered Relief program two times per month for FREE with St. Luke's Lifestyle Medicine Clinic. To learn more about the program, please click on the logo above. To see dates/times and register  for the class please click on the link below. Please note that ALL CLASS TIMES on the registration page are in the Mountain Time Zone.

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Recorded Community Classes and Presentations

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